Social Enterprise @ Teesside

Driving Social Enterprise @ Teesside

Teesside University is positioned among the strongest in the UK for growing skills, enterprise and entrepreneurship. We plan to build on this success by enhancing our support for social entrepreneurs.


We have added Big River Bakery to launchpad and are putting social impact at the heart of our enterprise community. This has inspired us to think about how we can use enterprise to motivate our students to take positive social action.


In the Tees Valley we face many challenges such as high levels of social and economic deprivation. In partnership with Thirteen we are harnessing a collaborative approach to tackling social problems. Teesside University staff and students will act as a catalyst for change through engaging with and supporting our community partners.


It is our ambition to inspire our students to take positive action that has a real impact, to make social enterprise a beacon for change by finding talented people with the passion, commitment and drive to make an impact. Creating local solutions to local problems whilst inspiring the next generation of social entrepreneurs.


Our start up community is brimming with energy and innovation. We will capitalise upon this and entice the right people with the ambition and big ideas to tackle social problems supporting them on a path to success they need to succeed and scale.


We can offer:


  • Financial support including grants and investment.

  • Education and training they need to make it a success.

  • Mentors to provide support in establishing a successful enterprise.


Do you have an idea that could improve the lives of others?

Do you have the passion, drive and commitment to drive through social change?

Are you a current student ready to rise to the challenge?


If you have a passion and want to make a change.


We can support you to…


  • Create a social impact project

  • Launch a campaign for change

  • Start a social enterprise


To find out more contact our Social Enteprise Activator Stephen Goodall:


Stephen Goodall

Social Enterprise Activator

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