Get Started

GET STARTED - Curious about entrepreneurship? Dive in!

Workshop Programme 2022 

GET STARTED workshops 

A series of 3 workshops to get you started in enterprise.

​At Launchpad we believe in learning through doing. The Get Started workshops will give you the tools to explore and experience entrepreneurship in a fun and engaging interactive workshop. Limited places available so sign up now! 

Workshop 1 What is an entrepreneur? &  ‘The Effectuation Game’.

Explore the concept of entrepreneurship, the behaviours and skillsets that can be developed.



Workshop 2 -  Ideas Generation & Start-Up tools 

Fast paced session to identify the opportunities that you could take action on immediately using resources available to hand. 
Explore the full range cutting edge tools available from business model canvass to the validation board.



Workshop 3 - Best to Test 

What can you do next to take your ideas forward? You will build an action plan to get you from paper to product. You will learn how to test trade and create a Minimum Viable Product.