• Steve Dougan

An entrepreneurial generation

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This is different. This revolution is more democratic. Let me explain.

The industrial revolutions of the past transformed the way we moved people and goods, the way we manufactured products and the way we communicated and lit our streets. The technology was transformative, but the power to wield it was concentrated in very few, very wealthy hands. The digital revolution we are living through is different, the tools to communicate to a global audience, to source products from around the world, to build networks in China, India are literally at our finger tips. Access to finance and funding can be crowd sourced, it is a funding meritocracy. Tell a great story well, to the right people at the right time and you could be the next OONI, now multi-million turnover business selling globally. Powerful software like Google Docs is either free or subscription based like the wonderful Canva. Technology is removing barriers to productivity, publishing and content creation in ways we could not have imaged 20 yrs ago.

In short this generation of makers, doers and creators are super-powered by technology. Go do something with your super powers!

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